if you use self-defense against a bully at school, do you need to apologize?

let say if you were in elementary school and  a bully makes a disgusting remark about your parents and you punch him in the face and a student at school who is friends with the bully said to the victim ''HEY,MAN THAT AINT COOL!'' ''YOU OWE HIM AN APOLOGY!'' and the victim said to the  student at school who is friends with the bully ''I DONT OWE HIM NOTHING!!'' ''IM NOT SORRY!'' ''I HAD EVERY RIGHT TO PUNCH HIM BECAUSE HE MADE A BAD COMMENT ABOUT MY PARENTS!!'' i got bullied most of the time at school when i was in  elementary school

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    The use of physical violence when verbally abused is not considered the proper means of self defense. Proper defense is like force.

    There is just a time and place to ignore some one and it seems to me the incident you mention would be one.

    I got bullied most of my school years too and learned to to insult others when needed and how to defend myself when attacked with physical force. But at some point I realized that if they actually knew my parents they would know it wasn't true, so I stopped letting them get to me.

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    Sorry. Hitting someone for making a comment, no matter how offensive, is not self-defense. It is assault.

    You do not have the right to punch someone because they said something offensive about your parents to you, no matter how much you might want to. There are many positive ways to respond, but physical violence is not one of them.

    If a teacher, principal or the cops are called (and they could be - you have committed an assault - an actual crime, while they have committed slander, while a civil offense, it is generally NOT a crime), you will be the bad guy.

    As far as an apology is concerned, though, I'm not sure. I have an idea that the apologies need to come in the order of the offenses.

    If I was the teacher (which I am, actually), I think I would focus on working to get the bully to apologize for his or her actions FIRST before asking you to apologize for yours. They need to own up to their responsibility for the situation. Otherwise, it would seem to me (and probably to the bully) that if their guilt is wiped clean because of what YOU did, the bully is getting away with his offense! In fact it would be a victory for them! The comment did have a part to play in what happened, though and the bully has to be accountable for that. So, after the bully apologizes, I'd look for you to see the inappropriateness of your actions and to apologize for that, but probably not before.

    I hope that makes sense. Unraveling the actions according to the order they happened would make sure all issues are addressed.

    Does that make sense? I hope so.

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    Words should never translate to physical violence.

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