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Help!! I need boyfriend advice. My jealous Ex got involved with us...?

Here’s a bit of back info. We started dating 3months ago, in the beginning is was wonderful, carefree, sensual and adorable! Lots of affections, seems very amazing to me.

 Next, my ex contacted my new boyfriend over messenger “going off on him”. I felt embarrassed, exposed, caught in the middle-so to speak. Even tho my ex, is my ex for a reason. My new boyfriend feels I have broken trust &that I went behind his back. My ex told him that I’ve been in contact with him, that he won’t stop loving me and then finally that he wants him to treat me well. Sadly, this is just a jealous ex trying to sabotage my new - amazing- relationship. Since that speedbump, my new boyfriend, has been more distant with me, still affectionate but distant. I can sense he has a lot on his mind and it’s mostly about our relationship. I noticed little thing like he try’s to give my Christmas gift to me early(it’s Nov 25...) idk if I’m overthinking, it’s a it early no? I’ve meet his family, been spending time &putting it effort, making it known I want to learn about him, Showing him he means the worlds to me but I can’t help the cold feeling he sends off occasionally. He seems up&down Since the ex issue, my ex agreed to backoff &leave us alone. I pray it works out. I really have fallen for him. Yesterday, he was only playing music that spoke of heartache, breakups&stresses. Idk. He did express that was the only thing that bothered him about me was the ex issues and everything else about me works for him.


To also be clear: my ex was blocked on everything. He created what’s app numbers to contact me and then msgs me boyfriend on Facebook. I finally had to just change my phone number and no contact since. I will reassure my boyfriend how much I am committed to him and how much I respect and care for him. I have fallen for him and feel like this connection is worth it. 

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    My main question is, why the hell wasn't the ex blocked? That in itself says a lot. If the ex isn't blocked right now he should be and make sure you tell your boyfriend that he is. Reassure your boyfriend. Do things that shows you care about him. Actions speak louder than words. Men get insecure and overthink things and need lots of reassurance too sometimes. Best of luck. :)

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    tell the ex nicely to leave u alone and that u really love this guy.

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    You tell the new bf, that if the ex starts again, you and him will report him to he police, file harassment charges on the ex. that my make the new BF happy, and more secure.

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    Matthew 19 my ex didn't understand it was religious choice I made and had nothing to do with her if a woman leaves let her leave paul.  She committed adultery so I now feel I'm no longer bound . So after sometime I trying to meet new people and find love again.

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    That's why you don't communicate with your ex.

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