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Is Marijuana a terrible drug?

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    Cannabis is no more or less terrible than any other drug including alcohol. As with everything in life it’s too complex to say it is good or bad. Fact that the matter is there are a million ways to consume marijuana and smoking is only one way to consume it. Edibles and vaporisation don’t carry the potential risk of cancer that is associated with combustion, but other than that the it is a pretty safe drug to take, unlike other drugs such as alcohol it is impossible to overdose on cannabis. The most significant health concern relate to how frequent use alters the brain and possible links to mental health disorders.

    Regarding mental health link with cannabis it is important to remember that correlation isn’t causation. Just because people with mental health disorders use cannabis doesn’t mean the drug causes mental health disorders. Personally I stopped taking SSRIs (serotonin balancing antidepressants) because cannabis helps me manage my symptoms without the loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, acne and the other side effects of the drugs I was prescribed. 

    Medicinally cannabis has an important place and socially/recreationally can you argue it is truly worse than alcohol? Death statistics aside, both cannabis and alcohol have links with psychosis, both impair driving and both are totally fine in moderation, both are dangerous in excess. 

    Honestly, would you ask if alcohol was a terrible drug? 

    Alcohol has always been portrayed as a safe drug, people hear about people getting psoriasis of the liver as a result of alcoholism or people watch the news and see people dying after being hit by a drunk driver but at the same time bars and drinking are such a common theme across all media from sitcoms and soaps to TV adverts and billboards, we see people drinking and having fun to the point where alcohol has ceased to be a drug anymore.

    NB Top 3 Worst drugs by death toll

    1. Tobacco

    2. Alcohol

    3. Opiates

    In summary cannabis is neither good or bad, it is a choice whether or not you try it but it won’t kill you

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    I have several friends that died or had major problems directly or indirectly due to marijuana.  I will only mention two of them.  One flew his truck about 50 feet in the air before crashing into the rocks and didn't survive.  Weed and driving don't mix.  It was officially blamed on alcohol instead of weed to avoid causing his parents embarrassment but his friends know the truth and so did the police.  Such lies make the statistics favor weed over alcohol, but who am I to argue with the police.  Another friend had throat cancer and smoking weed was the only risk factor that could account for it.  Some of my friends were in denial about it because because they don't want weed to be the cause, but they need to wake up.  If someone tells you weed cures cancer, they are probably selling you something, or like my friends they want to rationalize to themselves why it is okay to smoke weed.

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    It's not even as effective as aspirin.

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    Not for most people and no-one has reportedly died directly from it; though it can have particularly bad effects upon people who start it young, including being responsible for committing suicide.

    The main issues include:"Chronic cough and frequent respiratory infections.Mental and cognitive issues, including problems with learning and memory, hallucinations, anxiety, panic attacks and psychosis, especially in youth.A 2012 study indicated people who smoked marijuana before age 17 were 3.5 times more likely to attempt suicide than those who started smoking marijuana later in life.Those dependent on marijuana had a higher risk of experiencing major depression and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.Subsequent research published in 2014 indicated daily adolescent users were 18 times more likely to become dependent on marijuana, seven times more likely to attempt suicide and eight times more likely to use other illegal drugs in the future."

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    Yes... If its misuse of course its a terrible drug...

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     Far safer & healthier than Alcohol or pharmacy med’s zxjq

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    It is only as terrible as the person who uses it. Some people can use it and function normally while other will abuse it.  You can abuse anything and it have a negative effect. Food can be abused. Sex can be abused. But by themselves there is nothing wrong with them

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    I guess it depends on how you use it. 

    Tobacco kills 400,000 people a year in the US (and hardly anyone smokes anymore!)  1 in 3 tobacco users will die from tobacco!  Marijuana never killed anyone, as far as we know.

    Everyone knows at least one person who ruined their life through alcohol or cocaine.  Probably someone in your family!  1 in 9 Americans can't drink alcohol.  But with as many as 1/3 of Americans using weed more than just 'experimentally', where are the millions of people who've ruined their lives with weed?

    Now we have a dozen or so states where weed is legal.  And we haven't seen any of the bad side-effects we were warned about.  There hasn't been a huge increase in DUIs or accidents.  There hasn't been an increase in addiction to 'hard' drugs.  Or a spike in unwed pregnancies or STDs.  Or high-school dropouts.  From all the evidence, weed is a much better, safer 'recreational' and 'social' drug than alcohol!

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    Not any worse than alcohol.

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