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isn't it ridiculous for a politician to be talking about 'doing Gods work' ?

almost scary and chilling.

it's 2020 not the frikin 1620's.

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    Ronald Reagan was the first president who told people he was elected because he was God's choice.  Followed by GW Bush.  I had Christian friends who insisted that God stepped in in Florida in 2000 to personally pick GW as our president.

    From which I gather God hates minorities and immigrants, thinks the rich are heroes, and favors a return to feudalism!  There's a centuries-old Jewish saying:  God must love poor people because he made so many of them.  Reagan and the Bushes and Trump also made a lot of them!

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    If you listen to a lot of what the religious right is trying to accomplish it sounds like the creation of a theocracy, which is really scary.

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