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Does marriage most benefit women or men?

Please explain.   

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    Marriage is all about forcing men to commit to a lifetime of providing for women and imposing strong divorce penalties on men who break this commitment.   Marriage is designed to ensure men care for women.  

    Commenrer’s argument is a correlation fallacy. (As Bill pointed out) The fact that unhappy men are less likely to marry doesn’t mean marriage makes men happier.    It just means women prefer to marry men who have their acts together and are happier.   This should come as no great surprise.   

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    In states like Massachusetts the women make out like bandits.  Maybe in some states things are equal, but not there.

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    2 months ago

    Marriage benefits mothers, as it makes it harder for men to walk away and leave her homeless and destitute.

  • garry
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    2 months ago

    women , no work , stay at home getting fat , while you work , yep any women wants to get married , think about it . its bred in them , you know ..

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  • Elana
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    2 months ago

    Depends on where and when.

    In the modern West, it benefits men.

    *DIVORCE* benefits women.  Before all kinds of MRAs jump on me, yeah, a lot of marriages end in divorce, but certainly not all of them.  As cynical as a fair number of you obviously are, there are genuinely happy marriages out there.

    However, throughout most of written (and probably pre-written) history, as well as most of the non-West now, it has benefited women.

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    2 months ago

    Men. They use women for free sex, cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, ironing, doing all the house chores, caring for their kids including working a job outside home and bring them money. 

    Only men benefit from marriage. Studies say married men live longer while married women live shorter and single men live shorter while single women live longer so there you go. 

    Source(s): Thumb me down how much you want, deep down you know it’s the truth ;)
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    2 months ago


    Marriage benefits those with wealth to retain it, pass it on legally to their heirs.

    But if you mean in terms of health, then according to studies, married men live longer, because the wife sees to it, he doesn't allow himself to vegitate, thus leaving her to shoulder all the household problems. Not to mention penury since all the assets may only be in his name, plus the pension. Should he die, she'll be paid a pittance in pension, in comparison to what he receives.

    But do those studies actually ask to see the marriage certificate?  

    Many people say they are "married" but not legally as such in the eyes of the law.  

    They are married or committed to each other in their own eyes.

    A relationship that needs A legal contract of marriage to enforce it, isn't really about the relationship. It's not about trust, loyalty, friendship, reliability. It's about worldly goods, material possessions.

    And how to get the best out of that contract, for one side as opposed to the other.

    The husband walks out of the marriage, the wife milks the abandoned wife role for all its worth, but accidentally lets slip she's going to extract everything from him before she's finished. How dare he dump her!

    The husband walks out, sets up home with his mistress. He discards his 3 legal children along with their mother. Because he's an alcoholic, and owns no property, the former wife has to go work to feed their 3 children. A decade passes, finally she buys a house, on mortgage. He returns, patches up with her their relationship, spends her earnings, contributes absolutely nothing to the relationship, except the birth of another child. But soon after gets bored, returns to his mistress.

    Marriage offers her nothing. No financial support for the children. 

    A couple start a business together. The business is a success, they however have drifted apart with zero in common. Divorce time he says she played no part in building up the business hence is not entitled to a share of his material success.

    And yet in a documentary, broadcast a few decades earlier, he express otherwise!

    Now he fears the loss of his business, and having to relinquish control.

    Some marry due to family pressure. Religion. Before the year is out, oops it's massive mistake. Unfortunately now there is a child to consider. The man regrets it. But there is the child to consider. The woman shrieks she wants this, that, as if he was nothing more then a walking wallet. She's oblivious, all she wants is what others have, or at least the appearance of having! It's all the material things she wants to display, so others can bestow upon her, "wow! How lucky you are."He gets a job that involves lot of travelling, so he won't have to be closeted with her 24/7, 365 days of the year. He gets sick, he is now considered too old, for the kind of jobs that are located closer home. One massive heart attack, and it's exit out of this life.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It benefits both the parties. Marriages bring stability to our lives

  • 2 months ago

    That depends on who gets the top or bottom.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    @Commenter: Read that study again. They are looking at men that never married and married men. They are ignoring entirely divorced men. They did this because if you look at the life expectancy of divorced men you will find that they live shorter lives than never married men. Furthermore, that whole study relies on a false cause fallacy. 

    Several decades ago now feminist society saw to removing marriage benefits for men and transferring almost all those benefits to women making marriage a pretty harmful and pointless agreement for men. 

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