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Should I take a gap year to study math and phsyics before college?

All my life I had undiagnosed ADHD and due to that I couldn't force myself to study nor open a book so I took more than a year gap after high school. Now I'm on medication and can calmly study for hours but i don't know math or physics at all and would like to study mechanical enginnering. I wanted to apply for the spring semester since I find myself being able to study on medication but my parents suggesting that i study all the missed out phsyics and math that i didn't study in high school then apply for college next year. 

The thing is I'll be 21 years old next year. Should I focus this year on math and phsyics and next year apply for mechanical enginnering? Or apply now for spring semester?

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    In the USA? What is your HS GPA?  Can you get into a college? 

    Best to start off at a community college. They may require you to take placement exams. You could need remedial classes in math and English before you hit college level classes. I wouldn’t take a year off to self study. You need a structured classroom situation (even if it is online) and make use of the campus  tutoring center. You are going to need math to the calculus level.

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    suggest make up your math and physics at community college.  The math part may be readily accessible via online learning and thus low risk of CV19.  Physics usually requires labs ... more risky.  Hint:  did you take Chemistry in HS?  might be required for physics ... something to check.   -- grampa

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