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How do I know if I have a broken knee cap or fracture that i need to go to the doctor for?

Im 27, earlier today I accidentally stepped on my dog didnt see him there and when I shockingly got off his little leg my ankle and foot slid out of my slipper and my ankle bent and i felt a slight tinge of pain at my knee. I've had runner's knee before and i was having problems with my knee already at the knee cap. Anyways now hours later I'm looking at my knee cap and it is red and appears bruised towards the right of my knee cap and also swollen compared to my other one. I was walking on it earlier and then it just began to hurt bad enough to where I am limping vs straightning my leg. I also took a muscle relaxer earlier though, and now i can walk on it but my leg is slightly bent and I'm kind of limping because of the pain. I don't know if its broken but i would think its not since i can walk on it though it hurts. What should I do??? at what point should i see a doctor? 

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    Lol dumb dogs are dumb

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