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Will these things make my 5 month poodle feel safe?

I recently adopted a 5 month toy poodle that came from a home where she was crated 90% of the time, and barely got to spend time with owners (reason for rehoming).  Ever since I’ve gotten Cookie (my pup), I’ve been hand feeding her, giving her water bowl by hand, when we snuggle together I give her treats.  When she’s being so good and calm in bed, I’ll give her treats.  By doing this, I feel like it’ll build a bond, and she’ll feel like she can fully trust me.  Will this also make her feel safe to where she’ll never run away?

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    Poodles don't run away.  They can get stolen though.  Personal attention and spending time together will form the bond.  You don't have to feed her by hand.  

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    Stop with the treats.  Stop hand feeding her, stop bringing her water.  Let her be a dog.  All of that is way too much.  She is not a baby doll, she is a dog, let her act like one.  You need to treat her like a dog.

    How is her training going?  She is a dog, not your baby.

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    Absolutely agree with EH Amos, Jojo and Maxi

    Obedience classes would be great and if you get very involved in that,  a poodle can go into something like agility when older

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    No you are doing the opposite, you are making this dog feel insecure........ training, socialisation and exercise, get some dog training classes booked and get the pup out daily lead walking to build its confidence. Poodles are very clever working dogs and like to make you laugh the issue is if you do not teach/train this dog, it will find itself a job and likely one you won't like, such as possession guarding  which is a typical one for poodles and something you are training with hand feeding and too much cuddling/treat feeding.

    I have and have had poodles since I was 8 yrs old living, working, showing alongside GSDs, Dobbies and BC and the poos got the same socialisation, training...the poo I have now lives with a BC, she was an International champion until she was 9yrs old in the breed ring ( she loved showing, I hated it) she is an international agilty dog and national flyball champion, loved and was a very good duck hunter and has been a dog I have taken into schools, care homes and even hospitals as she loves people, the more 'tricks' I teach her the more confident and secure she becomes and the reality is all and any dog needs training/socialisation otherwise you are failing the dog

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    E H Amos has nailed it. Follow her / his advice and you won't go far wrong.

    Source(s): Dogs owner for over 55 years.
  • Jojo
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    No....All your are doing is molly coddling the pup and not teaching her to be confident and bold.

    A pup needs someone who is firm but fair and consistent, who the pup can look up to and respect and feel safe with.

    Not someone who panders to it and smothers it with affection `all` the time.

    You should be doing some obedience training with the pup, with lavish praise when she does right.

    Dogs just love to please their owners and training is the best way ever to build a strong bond between dog and owner.

    Yes, I know Toy Poodles are cute little dogs and its hard to resist cuddling them and spoiling them but if you keep on doing what you are doing to a puppy you will have an adult dog that matures into a spoilt brat of a dog that will take  YOU for a mug.

    Once you have the dogs true respect you can give the dog as much affection as you like on YOUR terms only though. 

    Also stop hand feeding the puppy.  That is totally unnecessary as is giving her treats when she is in your bed. 

    IN fact, the dog would benefit a lot more by being in a crate NEXT to your bed, rather than in it.

    I doubt you will listen to this advice  AND to what E.H. Amos has posted.

    Your choice!!!! Make it the right one eh?

    Source(s): GSD owner for almost 58 years. UK
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    Nope you're creating problems and I'm thinking you know that and you're just trolling. Thanks for the two points though.

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    They have jackets you can put on dogs that calm them down 

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    2 months ago

    The Virgin Mary grants her special protection and the greatest graces to those who recite her rosary every day with care and sincerity.

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