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Fun places to visit during winter break?

Planning a trip for Christmas break and I wanted to know what are most fun, touristy places to visit with lots to do and awesome nightlife? My friends and I are all 19. We really liked Pigeon Forge because it had tons of cool, unique things to do right near by and it was more city rather than country. We love to party and do interactive things. I live in NC btw it can be up to 4 hours away.


If it would make y’all answer something more relevant to the question how about something for NEXT christmas break? LMAO 

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    You've been chastised enough regarding how appropriate this request might be, so I won't pile on except to say that even if you were to go somewhere in 2020 odds are nothing will be happening.  Many of the normal hot spots are ghost towns now.  Nobody is traveling.

    Florida is more or less open for business right now, our governor reads from the Trump playbook.  If you like Pigeon Forge you would probably like Orlando.  If you were to go to a place like Disney or Universal you might find you have the whole place pretty much to yourself.  

    The beaches in Florida are certainly open, however the weather will be a touch on the cool side for a beach vacation around Xmas.

    If life were back to normal, IMHO New York City is the best place in the USA to visit at Xmas time.  However, NYC is an expensive place to visit.  NYC is also the absolute worst place to go during the pandemic.  The subway is like a test tube full of virus.

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    Stay home away from the Corona what's the matter with you ? oh yea your a dumb kid never mind . 

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    There shouldn't be anywhere that currently has an awesome nightlife, interactive things to do, or parties.  There is a PANDEMIC going on, and these kinds of things are the reasons it's not under better control right now. Stay home this year. 

    EDIT: For next year, I'd suggest NYC.  That's a great place to visit around the holidays - lots to see and do, shows, nightlife, etc.  It's beautifully decorated at that time of the year.  If you are into theme parks, go to FL and spend a few days at the beach, visit the Universal CityWalk in Orlando, and take a few days in the parks.  You might enjoy Vegas as well - always something to get into, lots of clubs and parties, and some great shows and other sights to see.  

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    Currently? For obvious reasons; nowhere.

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    If you refuse to wait until the pandemic ends, your best place will be the critical care ward at your local hospital.

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    How about you be semi smart and not go party with random people.  If the younger crowd would stop partying just for a few months the spread of this disease could actually be brought under control.  If you leave NC.  Don't come back.

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