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What constitutes stalking when someone says they feel like they’re being stalked?


I don’t mean in terms of criminal speaking but I just mean in the social sense. My sister often claims that she feels like she’s being stalked but she’s a drama queen. I know it’s only a crime when someone is threatened with their safety but when is it stalking in the social sense instead of just being a little strange? Is any form of imposing on someone stalking? 

Update 2:

For example my parents have a neighbor and friend who just dropped by without calling and she seems to have poor social boundaries but I wouldn’t call her a stalker.  

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    I agree with you in your last example, the friend is not a stalker simply because she is someone your parents like to see.  I think stalking in a social sense is when someone you have made known you don't wish to be around shows up more often than can be explained by coincidence.  

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