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How would an extraterrestrial civilization be like?

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    Think of how varied cultures of humans and animals are, along with their lifestyles. So figuring out how aliens live would be at best, a wild guess.

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    It depends on what stage the extraterrestrial civilization is in. It is before the current human civilization on the earth. You can refer to human civilization history. After this, there are two options. One is that intelligent creatures cannot deal with the relationship between their living environment and it, which will lead to their demise. The other is that intelligent creatures have discovered the essence of survival. They will handle the relationship between their individuals, as well as the relationship between them and the environment.

    It can be concluded that aliens with high technology are unlikely to pose a threat to people on Earth.

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    Anything you can imagine. And some that you can't imagine.

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    I suggest you become familiar with Star Trek the original series and then read the entire Star Trek Vanguard book series which is?set at the?same time as the first 2 years of Star Trek ToS. I am currently on book 8. There are 9 books. Organians require no physical bodies.

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    We have no idea. They will probably be far different than anything we ever imagined. 

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