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joshua asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 4 days ago

Democrats.... Do you really want us to stay in Afghanistan? Why are you fighting trump on this? ?

Please don’t give me a non answers of “conditions on the ground aren’t” unless you can explain what the conditions on the ground should be before leaving

If your position is we need a better deal with the Taliban, explain exactly what better deal do you want. For most the county, they are the ruling government. The territory they control, the people prefer Taliban rule...So are you saying they need to give up territory because that’s not gonna happen and we can’t hold it even if they did.

So what is it, why can’t we just leave now? 

Updated 4 days ago:

Do you not agree with negotiations with the Taliban at all? You do realize these negotiations started under Obama....What is it that turns you against pulling troops now from a losing war??? Is this just about Trump? That’s what it seems like 

Updated 4 days ago:

Summertime: umm ok....I don’t give a damn about his reasons and if Putin wants Afghanistan, let him have it. I’ve been to that country. It’s not a desirable place.

So maybe you can get off Putin what Putin wants for a sec and tell me how WE, THE UNITED STATES benefit from troops in Afghanistan

Updated 4 days ago:

Incorrect, yes and Biden will keep troops in Afghanistan as he stated. Is that what you want....This is a rare moment to pull troops out now before we extend this war fir another 10 years, spend another trillion and lose more lives....Why not take advantage and pull the troops now? 

Updated 4 days ago:

Dave: I’m not a Republican and I’ve deployed to fact I voted for Obama because he promised to get us out of Iraq

Now the point in me telling you that is your what aboutism argument doesn’t work on me....So maybe you can just answer the question? 

Updated 4 days ago:

Anonymous: I’m not a trump supporter. I never voted for trump....You can agre with a politician on a single issue and not be of his ideology or party....You get that right....So maybe you can just answer the question

Updated 4 days ago:

Summertime....Just stop...All you have are insults. You can just have a constructive conversation without throwing jabs....grow up 

Updated 4 days ago:

Elaine::: I like this answer even though you disagree with me. You at least came at it with an intelligent and well thought out answer.........I gotta go for now but PLEASE Come back to this question...I’ll have a response for you then and you’re definitely getting best answer....thank you 

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  • kswck2
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    4 days ago

    As far as I am concerned, the Taliban is great at making peace treaties and then breaking them, they can go rot in hell in that part of the world. 

  • Elaine
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    4 days ago

    Since I am not an American I am expressing my perspective.  Trump highly touted an agreement with the Taliban and so far the Taliban is reneging on that agreement. In order to withdraw troops from any region preparations have to be made to include the weapons as well as artillery.  Has Trump allowed enough time for that?  Then there is the Kabul government itself.  Trump has given them no time to prepare for US withdrawal and what will eventually happen is that the US spent nearly 20 years in Afghanistan for nothing. Look at what happened in Iraq after Obama withdrew US troops. 

    By reducing the number of US troops to 2500 Trump  is leaving them in a more precarious position than they are now. Look at what happened in Viet Nam when the US military withdrew from the country.

    By leaving Afghanistan  Trump  is leaving a power vacuum in the region. Do you really think both Iran and Pakistan are going to sit idly by?  Do keep in mind that the US is also an ally of Pakistan . Both China and Russia could be dragged into as both countries want stability in Afghanistan. 

    Then you also have to look at perception.  This withdrawal will be seen as just another American military failure and diminishes the US as a peace broker.  

    As you know the Taliban is not only based on ideology but economics as well.  

    All of that being said the US should never have gone into Afghanistan in the first place since the real terrorist threat came from Pakistan.

  • They are getting upset with drones . Hey those things cost bucks and we should use them if it pisses them off . Using them on their command is a bit risky . I assume they are working on retribution for that one leader assassinated earlier . It's only the new Vietnam and can't ever be won .

    Mean while troops stick out like a thumb hitch hiking while who's who is confusing .

     I say let those little boogers in the sky bringem to the table 

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Why are you not concerned about all the Americans dying because orange is incompetent. Take care of home first. 

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  • Dave
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    4 days ago

    Same reason you were fighting Obama when he wanted to get out of Iraq.

  • 4 days ago

    There's no need to fight Trump because he will be gone in a couple of months.

  • 4 days ago

    The only reason Trump wants this is because Putin wants it. You need to  get your head back above air too. 

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