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Ron asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 4 days ago

I know people have said that some states refuse to hear cases of vote fraud well that will all change ?

Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched a probe looking into the 2020 presidential election. it's confirmation that they are investigating and we'll see what moves, because there had been no indication that indeed publicly that they were involved...... They are now."

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  • A.J.
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    4 days ago

    FBI is probably Trump tainted by now. Anyway, odds of widespread voter fraud are slim to none.

    1) Trump claimed it in 2016 after winning. He tossed the investigation results which said it was isolated cases of mistakes by voters such as felons with voting not restored or someone voting for a close relative. A percent number with a set of zeros 0.0..01. He did this again, with no basis, just like last time.

    2) Entire election officials of both Political Parties say most secure election in history.

    3) Case after case by Trump without evidence thrown out of court for lack of evidence.

    4) Georgia manual recount matched the equipment numbers. They found some extra ballots uncounted but not nearly enough to affect results. They tested the equipment also.

    5) It would have to be in 3 or more states to affect the results. And not just clerical issues. Spreads are too big. And, they are even Republican legislature states involved, that say no fraud.

    6) Trump himself said high turnout affects his chances a lot. This is the highest turnout percent plus a larger population. Biggest election ever. Also, minimum third party, minimal undervotes (no President selected on a ballot) dropping from 6% to 2%. Mail-in ballots were legal and real and allowed, but raised the turnout a lot. The 18-29 year olds moved up from 42% turnout in 2016 to 53% in 2020. And add a high registration and strong Biden among young, it fits. Further, demographics percentages moved towards Biden in key groups, even if Trump did a little better than dismal among blacks this time.  

    7) Although Trump supporters are loud with rallies, cheering, and very vocal, there is an equal number of "Anyone but Trump", an underlying hate seen in many places. The Independents and Centrists put the election away from Trump this time. 

    8) Pre-election surveys showed an even bigger Biden win. 

    9) Large conspiracies always get a leak from opponents side. They don't stay secret. The testimony and affidavits are Trump supporter hearsay, grapevine, rumors. Trump's team can't even get respectable lawyers because the evidence is so shoddy.

    10) Voter fraud is a felony and known watched this election. It's hard enough to get people to vote at all.

    11) SCOTUS is NOT going to change results. The Conservatives on the Supreme Court have already made rulings and statements. They support the State Legislatures and their laws. They have no desire to intervene at all.

    There is probably more. Isn't this enough?

  • Heidi
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    4 days ago

    You are lying and that just makes me smile.

  • Dave
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    4 days ago

    The vote went off quite well with all the mail in ballots, Joe Biden is your next President. Ham Head can go to Mar a Lago and run again in 2024

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