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I hate being an adult?

I've been an adult for 5 years now and it has been plenty of disappointment. I often wish I could be a kid again (especially around kindergarten age) even though I know that will never happen. Here's why I hate being an adult so much:

You can't play on park playgrounds

You can't play with toys

You can't play video games

You can't play at the playplaces at McDonalds and Chick-Fil-A

You can't play dress up

You can't play funny jokes

You can't play in general

You can't trick-or-treat on Halloween

You can't eat kids meals at restaurants

You can't watch kids shows

You can't use a toothbrush with a cartoon character on it

You can't go to Disney World (unless you work there or have kids)


I don't mind all the responsibilities (job, bills, cleaning) and I don't find them difficult like most people do. I also understand there are good parts of being an adult (no parents/teachers bossing you around, no school, getting to drive, having more choices). What I hate is that you can no longer do things you could do as a kid (everything I listed above). Plus everyone is always pressuring you to grow up and act your age (even your own parents, who used to play pretend with you)! You wait 18 years expecting to have freedom and do whatever you want, only to find out you can't do kids things anymore?! What a rip off! Being an adult is so boring an awful, and it sucks you can't reverse your age and do those fun things again!

Anyone else feel this way?

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    Alcohol makes it more tolerable.

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    Those things aren't that fun, and you can dress up, you can buy whatever food or toothbrush you want, watch kid shows etc... 

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    No. It's just you.

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    .....i do all of those things

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