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Atheists, isn't the 'anthropic principle'—that the earth and the universe was created for mankind- clearly obvious?

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  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    Then why is it that near everything in nature can kill a man, clearly god screwed up.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    The 'anthropic principle' is not that the Earth and Universe were created for mankind.  Not at all.  It's the realization that life as we know it could only have evolved in the context of Earth's history as we know it --- a tautology.  We wouldn't be here if the conditions for us emerging had not been the case.

  • 4 days ago

    No.  Not at all.  

    Here's the thing, we know enough about natural processes at this point to be able to explain MOST things without the need to resort to the supernatural.  It makes no sense to add a supernatural element if you understand the natural processes.  

    When mankind was primitive, the supernatural filled the gaps in our understanding, which was huge.  It was reasonable - necessary even to concoct stories of gods and titans to explain complex events we did not understand.

    But that era is long gone.  The gaps in our understanding have been shrinking for centuries and we've seen how religious stories contradict known observations, creationism being foremost among them.  Religion has simply outlived it's usefullness.

  • 4 days ago


    It really is not.

    If it was, why is 99.99999999% of the universe uninhabitable?

    Why are there so many diseases that will kill us?

    Why is it virtually impossible for us to get to 99.9999999999% of the universe?

    Claiming that the the Earth and the universe were created for mankind is like a puddle claiming that the hollow in the rocks was perfectly formed to match the puddle's shape.

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  • 4 days ago

    That's not the anthropic principle.  The anthropic principle is that the existence of sentient beings entails certain facts about the Universe. Now it's conceivable that there is only one Universe, in which case it does seem to have been designed, but a simpler explanation is that there is a Multiverse, most of whose universes have no sentient beings in them.

    PS, I am no atheist.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Nope that is an arrogant attitude dolphins can be considered as intelligent as twelve year old humans and they just think different and it does not mean they are less important than people. Sickening people who used illegal drugs for a long time seem to have no morals in them and less intelligent than animals when it comes to expressing affection and love. 

  • Paul
    Lv 7
    4 days ago

    Actually we have no idea how many intelligent species God may have created and saved, on any number of planets.

  • 5 days ago

    No, and you are either joking or perhaps trying to make points for your god; either is wrong.

  • 5 days ago

         As jeffercal says, "That is not the anthropic principle."

         There are an estimated 300 million planets in our galaxy alone that might harbor living beings.  Isn't it clearly obvious that we live on one of them?  Where else would we live?

  • 5 days ago

    Yes, absolutely. Now go and live in some of the 99.999999999% of the universe that is not this planet, or even some of the 71% of the Earths surface that is not land.

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