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Could I haunt a ghost back?

I asked this before but got no good answers only "ghosts don't exist!". I have a ghost in my house who much haunts me with noises and even whispers and making mess. I want to get back at him, how may i do it?

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    Yes, you could but I am not recommended to you if you are not well prepared for it... Worry if they would haunt you for the rest of your life or even worse your closest family, friends etc near you... 

    You need to pray to The God - The One and Only God for His blessing to you for haunting back to the ghost... As maybe His angels willing to help you to revenge back to the ghosts that disturb you... Doing it without praying to The God will lessen your effort... Lol

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    2 months ago

    On the contrary! A Ghost can Torment You, with its presence in Your house!

    I know, by My direct Experience that Spirits exist, if you wish to have proof of what I have told you, you must look for a Psychic or Medium, known as TRUE!

    Participate with them on the Spiritist sessions, that is, on the Spiritist table, and from there a few meetings, you will see the spirits of the Demons with your own eyes. Then, you will become a believer as I am! OK!

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    2 months ago

    Even though a pal of mine had a medium to successfully cleanse his house, I would say, do a lot of checks first, Draughts can cause what sounds like whispers. I think that may explain your whispering as you say whispers yet you did not hear one word. There are no words in the whispering of a draught. All houses make a noise at night as they settle down. A plank that has been stood on may now be depressed into a position it is not happy with. It may be pressed against the plank next to it. In time, it will move back causing a small crack noise. Check for air in the water pipes also. 

  • 2 months ago

    You'd do better to call in a pries to bless the house.

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  • 2 months ago

    You could get a skeptic to move in with you and unless the ghost produces much better evidence than a few whispering sounds your new housemate will not believe in it's existence which will cause it agonising frustration. 

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