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Is it possible to plug in Sega Mega Drive to pc?

To play mega drive not on the emulator but with the real box plug not into tv but to pc...

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    General answer is "Not without additional hardware". The output from a Sega Mega Drive is a video Output and it appears that they do not even have an HDMI or DVI digital output. Most are an analog output not suitable to the latest TVs without a converter box. If you list an exact model, its video output specifications can be checked. Laptops have no video input at all, except a few high level gaming new ones. All-in-one rarely has an input either, though a couple have HDMI input. Standard desktops also have no video input.

    You are asking, I believe about recording gaming. 

    If asking about input to a monitor with only one input, there may be a switchable box input to buy for the monitor. The connectors and whether analog or digital is important.

    To record gaming in the PC, you need a video capture box or card or special cable with electronics in it. If you provided exact details of the model of Mega Drive and details about the PC with as much detailed specification as possible, and maybe your location for shopping, a converter may be available to do it. Your PC may not be strong enough for good and fast recording. To just use a monitor, you do not go through the PC at all.

    So, answer is no, until you provide a lot more details about each piece of hardware.

    You can install freeware Speccy, and/or Belarc Adviser, to get details about your PC.  

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    Not directly, but if you have a capture card that supports the output of the Mega Drive, you can then use that functionality to connect it to a PC for recording, streaming, or just using it as a display.

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    Unless you have adaptor card than it will not work as means of playing mega drive games.

    I was thinking that maybe if there was a network connection possible but than i realized that MD and PC have different logic internally so it wont work either.

    Really i can not think of how this would work without an actual card, but you can probably get MD card for your PC nowdays anyways. Or emulate on Raspberry PI or VM on PC. Sorry

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