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Which is better when dating looks or personality?

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    In my experience? If you truly love someone, they'll become beautiful to you! Pretty much no matter what they look like! And a good personality? Makes it a lot easier to fall in love with someone! 

    Plus unlike good looks, that will only last for a few decades, at most? A good personality will never fade! And in fact? Is likely to keep growing even better, with time! As that person gains wisdom and experience! 

    Plus also? It's just one heck of a lot more INTERESTING, if you ask me!! Anyone can be pretty, on a shallow surface level. But finding someone who's got a really beautiful personality..? Is like finding a rare, uniquely colored diamond, where you did not expect to find one! And if that person is not particularly attractive, by conventional standards..? It is like finding an unknown object, that you wipe an outer layer of mud and grime off of, to learn that it's a beautiful diamond! Whereas if you fall for someone who's gorgeous as far as looks go, but they turn out to have a shitty personality..? It's a bit like biting into what looks to be a tempting, delicious, shiny, red apple! Only to learn that said apple is actually completely ROTTEN, on the inside! Which, I'm pretty sure you'll spit out that initial bite, right away.

    For the record, though? I'm a hopeless romantic, who was always longing to find her soulmate. But I'm also on the asexual spectrum / mostly asexual, and not really physically attracted to people based on looks, anyway! So perhaps that's actually a blessing in disguise? (I used to HATE it! Because I used to think I would NEVER find love, and NEVER be good enough for people, because of it!) I know when I first fell in love with Soulmate..? I fell in love with his beautiful, sweet, warm, loving, unique spirit!! (We fell in over email, initially.) Then when I first saw his face on cam..? It was like: "oh. Okay. That's his face." But then, over time? As I've seen progressively more and more of said face? And grown to love him SO very deeply? I've come to associate his face with all the BEST things in the world!! And his sweet, beautiful soul!! And now, just looking at a picture of him..? Makes me feel all warm, soft and happy on the inside!! And he is THE most beautiful person, in the whole entire world, to me!! So.. do recommend that approach. Of falling in love with someone as a person, first. :) (Not saying people can necessarily decide to, if that's just not how they function, though.)

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Combo of both !

  • 4 days ago

    Looks fade............

  • 4 days ago

    you gotta have both

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  • SW-6
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    5 days ago

    Looks bring all of us attraction to another person, but at the end of the day personality will beat out everything else.   I think I would dump a Brad Pitt who had a bad personality and keep a David Spade who had a good personality.  In the long run, you will better your life with David.  :)

  • Mier
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    5 days ago

    Both are important for women to have. 

  • Rick
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    5 days ago

    Looks attract a partner and personality keeps you interested in them.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    ALWAYS personality, although it is great to have and get both

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  • Git
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    5 days ago

    Initially, it is looks. But as time goes on, personality begins to take over.

  • 5 days ago

    I would say personality every time.

    ps, You could date the most beautiful woman in the world,

    But without a personality she has nothing.

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