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Can I remove my own surgical staples?

Right buttock. I can't see but feel 35 staples. I was thinking one a day. Should I try to do it myself. They said I'll heal in ten days. The doctor of the ER room. 


Take out the staple by releasing the pressure on the handles. When the staples are removed, drop them into a disposable container or bag. Pull out the medical staple in the same direction it went in to avoid tearing your skin. You might feel a slight pinch, sting or tugging sensation. Wiki how source. 

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    As a numerous surgery haver, here is my take. If you said your calf or front of thigh aka places visible and easily reached without having to be a Ringling Brothers' acrobat, you could give it a shot. Why? Well, you have to clean the area with alcohol to prevent bacteria entry causing infection, which Im confident you could do. Next, you have to depress the middle of the staple with the surgical(not standard, though I do think a standard staple remover would do the trick too you would just need to pull the staples instead of depressing them)removal tool which depresses the middle and makes the two ends deep in your skin come out. And most important is the removal pattern which is to remove every OTHER staple, so your skin stays taught. Clean the removed staple area. Use some type of bandage tape on where u removed the staples and do not pull tight AT ALL. Then remove the other staples, clean with alcohol, and bandage tape where you removed those staples. Done! 

    If money or fear of COVID is a concern, I get it. The benefit of going to the doc office is you can be evaluated to make sure there is no infection or anything cooky. You can eval this yourself by seeing if you see red lines exiting the incision, have pain, or warmth there? If not, you're generally good to go. 

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    Staples for wound closure usually leave a prominent scar.  Regardless, there is a special removal tool that we use to remove them.  I can tell you that the tool pinches the middle to the staple which in-turn flares out the pins.  So I would suggest not pulling them outwards if you were to do it youself.  Perhaps cutting the staple in half so you can slowly back out the pins through the puncture.  I guess that would be how I would do it ... but then again, I can just use the wound staple removal tool.

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    It depends,  I got a 1/2 dozen staples, and  my doctor gave me a removel kit to remove the staples myself. So you can, but you might want to ask your doctor.  

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    Hell no.  Do you want to see this messed up scar extending from my chest to bottom of stomach.

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    No. The doc needs to look to make sure it has healed enough to stay together. If you take the staples out too soon it will all pop open again. 

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    The price of post surgical care, like wound checks and staple removal, is already included in the price paid for surgery. For up to 90 days after the surgery was done, in many cases.

    His/her staff, nurse, aide, etc. can easily to this task. They have the experience and proper equipment.

    Should I presume it was done for surgery on your hip??  That would be a real problem if you developed an infection!!

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    Yep.  Needle nose pliers and a bit of codeine...and back in the ER!

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    Could you - probably.

    Should you - probably not.

    Be sure to WAIT until AT LEAST 10 days AFTER they were put in before you start removing some.

    Even after they are removed - anything that needed several staples will NOT be completely healed at the point the staples are removed - it will just be sealed enough that the staples are no longer needed to hold the opening together.  

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