how many civilisations throughout the ages can you name starting with a capital "A"?

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    Akkadians and Assyrians are two that come right of the top of my head. Oh, and the Argonauts, if they were real and not just myth. Avalonians, if they were real and not just myth. Armenians, Albanians, Andorrans, Anglo-Saxons, Anglos... And how can I forget Americans?! That's me!

    Oh, and I can't forget the Apache. As an American, I'd be remiss to forget them. And the Aztecs, another New World civilization, one that actually peopled the largest, most populous city in the world with over a million inhabitants at the time Hernan Cortez showed up: Tenochtitlan, which is now present-day Mexico City whose greater metropolitan area is the most populous city in the Western Hemisphere and fourth-largest worldwide.

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    off the top of my head





    Austro-Hungarian Empire




    Athens (independent city state)

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