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Can’t afford anything off a cooks pay? ?

I started a new job and they’re paying me a lot 15 the hour which is most likely why the chef treats me like I’m a piece of **** or it’s because I’m not male. I’d be lucky to get the same rate in an independently owned upscale restaurant. I’m going to be living alone soon so will most likely need two jobs. Should I look to get out of the kitchen completely because of COVID and **** pay and go back to support staff (running/ bussing ) to get the set ct hourly and tips? I have no one to fall back on or help I need to be completely self sufficient 


I’ve 5+ years in the restaurant industry. It’s not “my first rodeo”

Update 2:

I’m obviously familiar with work and the adult world, likely more so than ppl like Elaine 

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    Welcome to the adult world.  You're working in a place of business. not your home.  Learn to be an employee. 

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    Not sure I fully understand the question here. If you go back to running/bussing would you make more than $15/hr? If so, that seems like a pretty easy choice. I’m not sure your risk for Covid exposure is better in a customer facing role like running/bussing versus being in a kitchen. Given all the restrictions that are being put back into place in many areas due to rising Covid numbers, if you can get out of the restaurant business entirely that might be the best choice.

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    2 months ago

    Some industries are historically low paying. 

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    2 months ago

    Yes, join the rodeo. It's always good to do something you're experienced at.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Id fire you. Shitty attitude.

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