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Son with a broken baby toe?

My 13 yr old broke his baby toe kicking a toolbox, any special precautions me and his mother need to take?  What treatments?

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    Rest, ice, and compression.  Pain medications at home are fine.  If the symptoms persist after two weeks, a radiograph is indicated to rule out a toe fracture.  Fifth toe fractures take 4-6 weeks to heal while immobilized in a surgical shoe limiting physical activity.  New radiographs are needed every two weeks to gauge bone healing.  

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    He needs to see a doctor and get it x-rayed. It might have to be set. 

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    Buddy tape it, wear supportive hard shoe, if it hurts don’t do it, you can’t work through a break.

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    How do you know it's broken? There's no real treatment for a broken toe, but if noticeably deformed or swollen, it should be x-rayed. I knew I'd broken my little toe, bcuz I heard & felt it snap. But I didn't know until much later that I'd also broken my 5th metatarsal bone.

    Treatment depends on severity & level of pain. A cast boot might be advisable for 1-2 weeks to limit movement & keep weight off the ball of the foot. (You can find one at a thrift store.) If it's not really swollen or painful, just keep it taped to the adjoining toe and try to stay off that foot.

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    OP Anonymous:   Make sure he wears a really good pair of shoes for 6-8 weeks - NO flip flops.    It would be preferred that this pair of shoes be new.  

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  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    So no Doctor? It could heal bent. See a Doctor.

  • kelvin
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    2 months ago

    do what his doctor tells you to do

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