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should America encourage Israel to become a post-racial society with no ethnic identity just like we are?


eddie-why do you think Jewish ethnic nationalism is a good thing if the country has a large Arab minority.

wouldn't that be unfair Israelis' 3 million Arab who hold citizenship in that state?

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  • TNO
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    To be fair, Jewish peoplehood isn't technically an ethnic identity. A lot of people do treat Jewishness as an ethnicity but that's because Jews of one area are usually of one type (e.g., most Jews in Poland are Ashkenazi, most in Iraq were Mizrahi). However, Israel is the collection of all Jews so describing them all as one ethnic group just doesn't work, even if the ethnic groups are still described as being rather close and from similar descent.

    Now, understanding that there are multiple ethnic groups in Israel helps you see that Israel is really moving past ethnic isolationism within its populace and is mixing at a noticeable rate. When Israel was re-established, most stayed with their own group but nowadays most Israelis are actually "mixed", ethnically wise. A lot of Israelis are part-this, part-that; and, while I don't know the current data, a decade ago it was said that 50% of Israelis were "mixed race" in this way. One cousin I have is 50%-Sephardi, 25%-Ashkenazi and 25%-Mizrahi, for instance. So while some people do see this as "Jews marrying Jews", to a more nuanced observer this is a much more diversifying force.

    Now, with the term "racial" in play, that adds a bit of controversy into this. Most Jewish groups can classify as "white"... depending on who you ask. White Supremacists will call all Jews "non-white" whereas some modern commentators of race will deem all Jews as "white". None of this takes into account that Ashkenazi Jews can have skin tones that are noticeably tanner than many other Middle Easterners, or that some Yemenite Jews who look incredibly Middle Eastern are just classified as "white" in this system. Based on some framing on your part, I'm assuming you classify Jews as "white" whereas Arabs as "non-white"... but, the predominant ethnic group in Israel (when we bother to break it down) is Mizrahi, the MIDDLE EASTERN Jews who lived in lands now described Arab. Some even call them "Arab Jews" (note: Do not call Middle Eastern Jews that, it's considered an erasure of their unique identity). And all ethnic Jewish groups have Middle Eastern genetics, so you can see where your question has an issue you probably never accounted for.

    Israeli Arab and Israeli Jewish issues do exist, but they're social in nature. They aren't ethnic or racial, despite what some people believe. After all, if you consider the Ashkenazi Jews different on that level from the Arabs and the Mizrahi Jews the same (as a lot of people ignorantly do), then the group you consider "the same" as Arabs are the more prejudiced towards them whereas the Ashkenazis, the "different ones", are the more accepting. Studies show that Mizrahim tend to be more hostile to Arabs on average, which is attributed to how poorly they were treated when they were in Arab lands. Still, Israelis tend to recognize that there are issues and there are many programs that are launched to bring them closer. All Israelis are already legally equal, but the Jewish and Arab groups still tend to avoid each other, and it's seen as a problem overall. So these programs exist... but, not with post-racial theories in mind. Respect for their differences is still a thing as well.

  • zipper
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    The whole concept of Israel is it is a Jewish Nation.  It would be rather hard to not be a discriminatory Nation with that concept!  I feel it is time America and England both let the people of Isreal deal with their own problems in their own way.  Remember God gave them these land which they had to take away from the people that already lived there, and in 1948/9 the USA and England let them reclaim the HOLLY LAND AGAIN and again displace the people that lived there again. This is no different than what the USA did to the Native American's, not one bit different at all!

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    America has nothing to do with that,  you can't compare America  to the Apartheid state of Israel.

    Israel is the last Apartheid on planet earth, and they are proud of it.

    @EddieJ : of course The Apartheid state of israel does not deserve to have the land of others, persecute and ethnic cleanse the inhabitants because they pretend the lands were theirs after 5000 years !!!! come on, you should agree that you agree with the law of the jungle, we are not savages EddieJ.

  • ddey65
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    2 months ago

    @Ghost Of Christmas Past, No the point of Israel is to reestablish a Jewish State, but they know that their country is also a holy land for Christians and Muslims, and the goal of Hamas is to have a Palestinian Sunni Islamo-fascist dictatorship. 

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  • Anonymous
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    No chance. Jews don’t practice what they preach. Their motto is “Nationalism for me, multiculturalism for thee”. Look up the treatment of Ethiopians in Israel. An Arab can’t marry a Jew inside Israel. But Jewish media heavily promotes miscegenation and mass immigration in western countries.

  • Zirp
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    2 months ago


    The USA should definitely stop pretending that humans come in genetically distinct "races"

  • 2 months ago

    The whole point of the State of Israel is that only Jews can be 1st class citizens.  A single state covering the whole of the former Ottoman Province of Palestine, with universal adult suffrage regardless of race or religion, is the aim of Hamas.

  • EddieJ
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    2 months ago

    No, but America should encourage McDonald's to become a post-food business with no calories involved, just like a dry cleaning shop.

    @Keegan:  I tried to make it clear -- the whole purpose of McD is to sell fast-food.  The whole purpose of Israel is to be a homeland for the Jewish people.  So, if you believe that Jews do not deserve a homeland, then say that.

    @Ghost:  Re: aim of Hamas.  LOL!

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Not our business to tell them what to do...this goes in politics...TIRH

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