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Bare with me here, how are Uni fees usually paid by the student: annual, fortnightly or weekly?

I am wanting to pay fortnightly as it seems to be the best option for me. Is that possible in the future?

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    Universities don't operate like seedy flophouse motels. You don't have the option of paying by the week or month. Practically every reputable university operates according to the same system - students pay for the semester prior to the commencement of the first class. Some universities operate on a two semester schedule, a fall semester and a spring semester, with an extended summer and winter holiday break. If you can't afford to pay for the semester, take out a loan and make weekly payments on the loan. 

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    2 weeks ago

    You mean bear with you?  There are no "options."   The tuition is paid in full before the semester.

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    Tuition is paid in full in advance of the term. Same goes for fees, student health insurance, dorm room & board contracts, etc. 

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    Many US universities allow payments. Usually August through April for the school year. Or a student can pay at  right before the start of each semester. 

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    Per term / semester and up front, generally. You don't get to choose, it's as defined by the university. 

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    i have no intention to do what you are asking.

    i used to pay my college and high school fee monthly

    and sometimes had to pay late fee for delayed payment.

    i had attended government college and municipal high school.

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