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Is this normal?

My 13 year old loves films but most of the ones he watches are rated 15 and some are 18 (with our permission of course). It seems like it doesn't affect him because he can tell the difference between real and fiction but am I irresponsible for this?

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    Normal for parents to disregard movie ratings or normal for teenagers to want to watch content indented for more mature audiences?

    The answer is actually yes to both questions.  

    I would also suggest, respectfully, that just because your son doesn't act like a psychopath, it doesn't mean that he isn't being negatively impacted by watching things that are violent, sexual, frightening, or too complex.  

    Your son will likely have another 75 -80 years to watch PG-13 and R rated movies. You might want to limit his exposure and make sure you have either watched the movie already or are watching with him when you allow it.  

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