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How to deal with bullying?

So, I'm say a little older than what someone should be to be using water wings/inflatable armbands. And the other day, I was at the pool using the water wings since I obviously can't swim on my own too well, and there were a few girls from the school i goto. They were kind of spoiled anyway so I was expecting something to happen. When I initially first got into the pool I didnt see them fo anything, but later on they started pointing fingers and making jokes. I could only assume they were making fun of me for wearing armbands. It was about 5 minutes before they actually got in and started to interact with me, but not in the good way. The girls would tap on the armbands, push me around, and tease me by making a hissing noise while squeezing the armbands. I dont think the other two really wanted any real harm, but this one girl was just really mean. She got the other two girls to push me to the deep end and away from the walls, and she came up from behind and held me up as she unplugged both the wings then let me go to struggle as the air leaked out. I'm just gonna spare you the details, but near the end I reported them to the staff but they just told me to stop acting like a baby and get over it. I'm certain the girls are just gonna spread rumors around the school too so this is kinda why I'm asking how to deal with bullying as I'm 100% sure It will happen now.

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    I had something similar happen at school. When I was like 10 i went to the local pool with my cousin, I still needed my armbands at this point because I couldn’t swim. They were these pink Barbie ones with little polka dots on them, I think my mum bought them for me when I was little.

    Anyway there was a small group of girls from school there, it was the same group of popular ones who always hung around together. They came over to me giggling and started asking questions. Why was I wearing them? Why couldn’t I swim? I thought only babies wore armbands?

    One started tugging at them asking to “have a go”, when I refused she started asking what would happen if she took them off. Would I drown? Would I cry?

    One girl wanted to know why I still wore a one piece swimming costume. Won’t your mum buy you a bikini? Apparently a one piece is only for little girls.

    My cousin came over at this point and the girls quietly disbanded. I told my mum about the incident, she just said “well it is a bit ridiculous at this point” (meaning that I still wore armbands) but said to “just ignore them”. 

    Ignoring them was probably the best advice. When I went back to school they did make comments relating to me being a baby etc when I was near. They did also go round telling people about it which made them ask questions, oh and also preach about what age they learnt to swim.

    But I just tried to ignore the comments and say as little about it as possible when people asked questions. To be honest most kids weren’t that fussed and soon moved on after the initial hype. Some were also sympathetic, saying stuff like “it’s ok you’ll learn”.

    The popular girls hung onto it longer, but they too moved on eventually. Although there was the odd remark further down the line when something jogged their memory. Dam you invites to pool party’s.

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