Friend wants to go out to get the new Xbox but has Corona. wtf?

My friend INSISTS that it is okay for him to go out and ENDANGER PEOPLE for an Xbox. He thinks it's okay since he's only going to quickly pick up the Xbox and then leave, but that's still super dangerous. (he has also been continuously going out and grabbing supplies even though he could call me to do it for him.) How do I communicate to him that he is putting other people in danger with his incredible stupidity?

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    2 months ago

    good luck finding one in stores if at all  pre orders were a mess and backed up considerably.  not to mention some sites even crashing.  microsoft failed planning ahead this high of a demand.  and only some stores would only have a couple of consoles on retail shelf, if they aren't already taken by a number of some sort.  

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    if he is purposely trying to spread it he could probably be fined. tell him to lay the f* down in bed. 


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    Covid is passed via virus membrane load.

    People don't get enough virus membrane load by casual contact.  The CDC says it directly - if you are inside, it takes over 10minutes with being in direct contact with that person (when was the last time you were in a store that you were in direct contact with someone you didn't know for 10+ minutes? Years???).  That is why stores are not spreaders.  The spread occurs in homes, offices, schools, churches, healthcare settings etc where you spend time with a person.

    Covid is MUCH harder to acquire than the flu.  The reason we have so many cases is because the contagion period is so much longer.

    Of course, when he is out, he needs to take extra precaustions - maintain as much distance as he can (at least 1meter), make sure he is staying at the counters so the shield is between him and the staff, wear two masks (or a KN95 mask or a mask & face shield). 

    He should pre-order it so it will be waiting for him.

    If you are doing what you are supposed to do - stay 6ft away from people, wear a mask, you have pretty much made the chance of getting covid next to impossible. 

  • 2 months ago

    You can't convince Trump sheep of anything. Stupid is as stupid does.

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  • 2 months ago

    Most major companies that would sell them have stated they won't be in stores and will be on-line only.

    If he won't listen.  Tell him that you'll see him in 2 weeks.

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