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Some more questions on owning a Golden Retriever? (food, harness, toys etc)?

Continued post, In have many questions. Just trying to find out as much info as possible.

Getting the dog chipped but what age can this be done by?

Looking after their teeth what is best way to keep them healthy for a puppy and for when its an adult? I heard you can get dog toothpaste or dental chew toys?

Clipping their nails how often does this need to be done?

Dog collar/ lead~ I think I'll prefer to get my dog a dog harness than just using a collar. But Im not sure on what size an adult golden needs? Is there a good adjustable one?

Also a harness for puppies?

Dog bed? which type of dog bed for a golden? XL?

Toys- which good toys for a golden? I figure it likes to retriever so a ball xD but yeah any other toys recommendations? especially for when its a puppy and he/she wants to chew and I have to redirect the dog to chew on the toy rather than say shoes

Any particular good treats to give to the dog for rewarding the puppy/dog through training?

Anything else I should look into with owning a golden retriever?


@anonymous yeahhh you're no help. I have done research and Ive asked my friend who owns dogs these questions already but I wanted a 2nd opinion as well as if anyone has a golden retriever if there was any information I should know in regards to goldens specifically.

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    Your questions are the same for ANY breed of dog

    Pups are chipped before they are sold ( legally where I live)'normally' if not chipping law in place when they get their first vaccinations, but can be done at any age.

    Teeth: It depends what they are fed and if junk treats are given, if feeding kibble/canned food then they need teeth cleaning, if fed raw/bone it is a natural diet and they do not need teeth cleaning

    Nail clipping: part of the weekly grooming process from the first week you get a pup, so it is used to having its feet checked/nails clipped ( if required) if it is walk daily and some walking is done on hard ground the nails naturally wear down so no need to clip them, BUT the dog should still be OK/accepting of its feet being held

    Collar/lead: soft collar, 6' clip on training lead is the only lead you will ever need... but buy a couple of cheap clip on leads that you can use while training, which can be used when young  and trailing behind them, which theyplay with when a pup, it teaches them the weight of a lead, it can easily be stepped on  to stop them running out the door or to get them quickly before they learn the recall etc etc

    Harnesses were designed to teach dogs to pull so a harness is not a good idea unless you plan to "water ski" with your dog on weach walk

    NEVER purchase a retractable lead, they are firstly very dangerousand secondly teach the dog it is 'in charge' and can pull you everwhere, also the tort line encourages many dogs to be aggresive with other dogs as it gets older as it 'tells' the dog the handler is fearful

    Bed: Large plastic big enough for an adult large dog, easy to keep clean  either buy 'vet bed' ( available by the meter in good pet stores) or blanket ( easy washed)

    Toys: Large 'treat ball' to hide food in ( well cooked to crisp home made chopped liver/Ox heart) large raw bones from the butchers ( free) they tire the pup/dog, encourages it to work for what it gets, exercises its jaws, stops it getting anxious ( chewing relieves anxiety eg pain from teething) raw carrots ( same as raw bone) put them in the fridge and they make a great teething toy as they cool the gums as well as being a toy

    A good obeience class and reality is you should not really need 'treats' to train people use treats for too long as a replacement for simple praise which means the dog only ever obeys when it gets a treat and you don't always have one, but you always have your voice with you to praise

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    There is no special information on raising a specific breed.  You raise dogs all the same way.  A lot of your questions can be answered by your Vet.  Whether it be a Chihuahuas or Great Danes, you raise them all in the same way.  There is no dog food that is for a specific breed.  All kinds of dog beds to choose from.  You need to get on google & do some of your own research.  If you don't know anything about dogs, you have a lot of research to do.  There are lots of books you can buy, lots & lots & lots of sites online that can educate you.  Use your favorite search program & learn all you can & more.  there is no way you can learn too much.  To raise a dog right you have to be in the know.  Use google or your favorite & just start searching everything you want to know.  You will need to learn a lot of stuff yet.

    You can even pull up a lot of sites to help you learn, buy books on dogs, buy books on that specific breed.  There is too much that it won't fit on this page.  With thousands of sites after sites after sites.

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    Based on the total of all of your questions, don't get a dog.

    Goldens aren't any different from any other dog.  Your VETERINARIAN will advise you on shots, chips, neutering, dentalcare.  Yes, you heard correctly.  Dog toothbrushes and chew toys are available.  

    I have no idea how quickly any dog's nails grow.  One of my dogs gets her nails clipped BY THE VET every 3 months.  The other gets hers clipped every 6 months.

    No, there is no adjustable harness suitable for both a puppy and a grown dog.  Yes, there are harnesses for puppies.

    How large a bed depends on how long the dog will get and if the dog will sleep on a bed.  One of mine will not and sleeps on a folded quilt.

    You don't redirect a dog ("yeah") to chew on toys.  You redirect the dog to chew on chew toys, nothing that splinters, nothing produced outside the USA.

    I have never rewarded a dog with treats, but if there are special treats for Goldens, I am not aware of it.  I think "dog treats" are not breed specific.

    Yes, look into grooming.

    But, again, I advise against a dog.  If you don't know the answers to some of your questions there is NO way you will train a puppy to do anything.

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