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Is this answer too cocky? ?

I never finished anything else other than high school. I am a self-taught artist. Now. Since I was very young my talent was recognised bu people and by visual artists. But nothing was done about it when the time came. I was told that artists cant make enough money etc. I finished a high school that I absolutely did not like because Ive had no choice. After that I started working. I lost interest in studying at this time. I started doing art at home and quickly realized that Im not bad at it. I can do hyperrealism and people keep asking about some of my drawings if they are a photo or a drawing. This gave me an idea-maybe I can make a buiseness out of this etc. Which Im starting to. My sister attended an Academy of Art Uni. Here is the problem. I am sometimes compared to her. Even some guys lost interest in me because I dont have anything like this. I would like to stop this. I dont want to be compared.

My question is: is it too cocky to say to people who compare me or to people who think less of me because I have nothing to show up this while showing my art to them: "I guess I just didnt need it?" or "Do you think I really needed it?"

English is not my first language so sorry for the mistakes. 


Thank you Y! I was talking mostly about those who rejected me as I wasnt good enough for them because I didnt finish anything other than high school. I never really thought about this in a way you said: being  bit more succesfull does give me false sense of worth. I shouldnt think about myself as a less or more worthy individual based on what I wear or what sort of car I drive. So thank you I will work on this! 

John: thank you I will and its going to be worth it! In a good way.

Update 2:

Thank you Snafu! I will! People do buy my art already. A little cheaper for beggining and hope for the best in the future. I dont want to compare myself Im fine with what I have.

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    There’s nothing wrong with being a self taught artist.  If people are buying your work then be happy and confident about it.  Keep developing and evolving your practice.  Self esteem and a lack of confidence are separate issues.  Don’t compare yourself to other people.  Concentrate on your game.

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    I dont mind it at all

  • Anonymous
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    "I dont want to be compared" 

    You don't have a choice. Even you do it in your question. Either accept it is going to happen or get out – but you will find that you are still compared.

    Yes your answers are cocky. If you are young and talented then being cocky can be endearing, make sure you drop it before you become established because over-confidence can be an annoying trait in the older artist.

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    3 months ago

    You talk too much. Sit down and draw.

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    People will compare, they will always compare,it is the nature of not only your chosen form of expression. But across the board. While some can be cruel about it, most are not, they are stating their opinion. The issue is how you react or think about the comparisons, they should just roll off of you.  If you were compared favorable to one who leads in that area, you'd take it as a compliment.  That too would not be healthy for you, could give you a false sense of worth.  You do you and keep moving forward in your area of interest. If it makes you a living fine, if not, be happy with the hobby.

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