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We cuddled and kissed all day long. It didn’t lead to sex. Is he starting to fall for me? ?

Does this guy like me? 

It’s someone who I’m casual with ... 

I want to be more than casual he is vague 

He hasn’t said yes nor has he said no to wanting a relationship 

Recently he even considered spending lockdown with me. He is the one who jokingly suggested it but he himself is the one who later changed his month (lockdown phase 2) 

We have sex but this time he spent the whole of the next day at mine. We were kissing and cuddling and holding hands and talking the whole time 

Is this casual or developing into something More? 

Also, all of this happened at my place and he came to mine and cooked at mine and then also did the dishes at mine. He didn’t let me touch a thing .. 

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    okay maybe he liked talking to u and sometimes its more comfortable to just talk and be fully clothed ., even the hug seems better like this. if he cooked that probally is a good sign too. Best wishes.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    sigh. he doesn't love you. he doesn't want an actual relationship with you. i mean, why would he bother when you already give him sex without commitment? i'd say you ruined any hope for a relationship.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Maybe your vag stinks 

  • 4 weeks ago

    I've seen you post before. You're a troll.

    Is that "am I too sensitive in my relationship" one of yours as well?

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    If ya cuddled and kissed all day long and that boy never blew his boy juice, girl, that boy's not fallin for ya cause that boy's queer as a three dollar bill. All day kissin and cuddlin, even if that boy didn't stick it in ya, that boy shoulda came three times at least cause there's no stoppin it after that much, like spontaneous explosion he literally couldn'ta stopped. So if that didn't happen, that boy's gay and not really inta ya. He's kissin and cuddlin to avoid what actually grosses him out -- sex witcha. Doesn't even wanna let ya touch it. Uhuh. It's not cause boy's not a ho but cause boy's a

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