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older folks . what's your thoughts on todays youth compared to when you were a kid?

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    I'm a couple months shy of 82, so I remember youth of the late '40s and '50's, having been one.  Clothing is different, more sloppy, especially in situations that were regarded as expecting more formality, such as being in school.  More time on tech devices, but that's mainly due to more availability since things like Iphones, the internet, etc weren't even science fiction then.  Music may have gone downhill, but that's probably a matter of changing tastes--I was never aligned with current tastes.  Right now may be more into politics than in those days.

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    Ever since the Greeks, people have been complaining that the next generation is a disappointment. Nowadays, it’s Boomers fighting with those aggravating, avocado-toast crunching, emoji-texting millennials. The feeling is seductive—but isn’t it really an illusion? After all, the old folks who are complaining were once on the receiving end of the same complaints themselves. In the 1960s, the Boomers’ parents denounced them as irresponsible hippies. Have people really been steadily deteriorating since ancient times?

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    they do seem younger.

    they wear less clothes.

    their music sucks royally

    most of them are smarter than they appear here

    any bitches i do have, adults do them too

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    They are going away from Nature and reality!

    Consider virtual technology!

    Real life is changing to virtual life!

    They are becoming more and more Lazy!

    Life is loosing it's livelihood and loveliness!

    Relationship is losing it's real value and power of making someone Happy!

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  • ree
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    I think they're relative to the sign of the times. I see myself the same way if I were that age. I made changes as society evolved along w/ them. If anything, I think the generation gaps have narrowed.

  • Lomax
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    1 month ago

    No better, no worse.

    Just normal kids, just like they were when I was younger. The technologies may have changed, but people are still people.

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    1. Most can't hold a conversation. 

    2. MUCH shorter attention spans.

    3. They don't spend any time outdoors. 

    4. They mostly live 24/7 slaved to their phone. 

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