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How can one spend 6 months in USA if is not having money?

I am software developer, but finding job is not easy. I like to study in USA but it is costly. I have over a decade of experience. I can study in Israel financially, but stuck in Iran..

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    You can't, basically. 

    You can't study in the US unless you can prove you can afford it. 

    You can't work, or look for work, in the US unless you can get the appropriate visa.

    And as a tourist (which for obvious reasons isn't currently an option) you need to be able to afford everything, without working. Unless you have significant ties to your country, you're unlikely to be allowed to stay that long. 

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    2 weeks ago

    No.  You have to prove you can support yourself while you're here.  

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    You cannot even get a tourist visa to US if you cannot prove you have sufficient funds of your own for all typical tourist expenses - round-trip tickets, hotels, restaurant meals, sightseeing, local/ground transportation, etc. Above all, you must prove your ties to your own country compel you to return home timely. Starting with a very lucrative job which affords you the luxury of very expensive vacations.

    Frankly, your post makes you look like intended visa/immigration fraud. You are NOT qualified for temporary employment visa in countries such as US, Canada, etc. without at least a master's degree + experience. Even then, it's likely you cannot compete with all the other applicants for jobs (often 100-1000, IF there is the remotest chance of temporary employment visa). Also, these countries are NOT short of qualified citizens now. Furthermore, increasing volumes of such work is done remotely, and visas are becoming less & less likely. So if you go somewhere on a tourist visa, you cannot look for work, and you will NOT be hired or get any employment visa.

    If you are not sufficiently educated, trained, experienced to get a job in your own country, it is extremely likely that you fail to qualify for any job in a foreign country. These computer, engineering, etc, fields have become extremely competitive.

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    Just get a job at one of Trump's resorts. He does not hire Americans except for the top leadership.

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    You can get a tourist visa for three months/90 days. Which  right now may not be possible because of the pandemic. 

    To study in the USA you must have a student visa,   You need to be accepted into a school and prove you can afford to attend.

    If you can not afford to attend then you can not study in the US. 

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