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Does he love his girlfriend?

This man fly to another continent over 5,000 miles away to meet his long distance girlfriend that lives there then 8 weeks later fly home without her and reinstall and use Tinder the day he arrive home and is very willing to meet a woman he wants sex with at a hotel. Meanwhile still commenting on his girlfriend IG photo that he love her and miss her. Does he have every intention to cheat? Does he really love his girlfriend?

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    It is impossible to know if he loves his girlfriend.  There is no absolute correlation between actions and state of mind.  He may desire his girlfriend without loving her.  Perhaps she is beautiful and it helps his self-esteem to be seen with her.  Perhaps she has lots of money, and he's trying to get his hands on it.  Perhaps the intimate relations are great but otherwise he doesn't care about her.  

    If he has sex with another woman while in a relationship with the long distance girlfriend, then he is not ready to have an adult relationship with the woman in question.  He may say he is.  He may believe he is.  In this case, love doesn't even matter.  What matters is that he is not capable of being faithful.   

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    Post in Dating & Singles.   He sounds like an idiot with a lot of energy.   

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