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What is your opinion of the whole France, Charlie Hebdo  Islam thing ?

Me personally I dont support Islam and while I generally support free speech, I think most people take that right for granted and aren't willing to deal with the consequences.

Honestly if you are going to mock someone's religion, that is fine, but you would have to assume someone is going to not like it and they may decide to come after you.

I think the bigger problem for France is that much like the blacks in US, France has allowed muslims to do as they please for so long that now they have a problem on their hands. 

Muslims could care less about free speech and they are not going to tolerate people disrespecting their religion (and i don't necessarily have a problem with that) and the people in France simply assume their free speech will be respected without them actually having to fight for it

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    There's a lot of wrong to go around. 

    Obviously, this guy who decapitated the teacher was wrong.  The teacher was also wrong, obviously not to the same degree, to show this offensive cartoon.  People need to realize that free speech gives you the right to be offensive but it doesn't mean it's right to be offensive.  I think non-Muslim French people should realize that these kinds of things aren't cool and that Muslims find them very offensive.  At the same time, I think that some of these Muslims need to grow up and realize that you should be able to deal with someone making offensive statements about your religion without resorting to violence. 

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    "bill" seems not to know ... I could start a reply every day with that same sentence.  "bill seems not to know very bloody much at all.  

  • bill
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    4 weeks ago

    What kind of religion demands that nobody ever even draw a picture of their prophet?

    So many rules to control them that it would be hard not to offend over something.

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    So what if my religion is Trumpism and I reserve the right to behead anyone who says anything against him?

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  • Robert
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    4 weeks ago

    Muslims hate cartoons?  Muslims lack a sense of humor?    That's what I think.  Violence is not the answer and I agree, when the religion of love and peace acts out violently it should be stopped.   If the love and peace guys don't like the cartoons, they don't have to read the magazine, or they are free to start their own with their own  ideals, but they have no right to this violence nonsense.  

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    Killing someone over a cartoon is ridiculous. What if someone would want to kill you for what you have written? "You should be more careful about what you say. You deserve it." Seems like a callous attitude.

  • 4 weeks ago

    My opinion is that terrorists gonna terrorise. France has a long history of laïcité - and it isn't just directed at Muslims. People saying that ALL Muslims are to blame for the actions of some Muslims are just as bad as Muslims saying ALL French people need to be punished for the actions of some.

  • martin
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    4 weeks ago

    It's known to everyone that Muslim people have terrorists within their ranks, who are willing to risk their lives and commit suicide even, in order to avenge any perceived ridicule of their religion.  France is playing with fire by upholding free speech in the case of Charlie Hebdo.

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