Pregnant CNA, positive cases of covid patients in facility...?

I recently found out I am pregnant. I applied to be a tech at a hospital and just found out I got the job. I need to work to provide for my 2 sons and one on the way. My husband doesn't make enough for me not  to work. I'm torn now..I feel like I will be putting my child at risk by exposing myself to positive covid patients..we have full PPE and take all precautions  but there's still that risk...I want to work, I want this  job...but I feel like I would be careless and selfish to greater my risk of contracting the virus by caring for covid patients. What are your thoughts? I know responsibilities of a CNA is to care for others no matter there illness, but given there is no vaccine and its killing thousands. This one really worries me..please no hateful or judgmental comments I'm just looking for some advice..

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  • 1 month ago

    It is VERY unlikely you'd be exposed.  If you don't understand this, feel free to talk to the HR department about the number of patient-to-staff transmissions at that specific facility.  Hospital workers in full PPE are far safer, even dealing with COVID-positive patients, than people who go to bars. 

    Ultimately, this is between you and your husband. COVID-19 isn't going away.  Not this year, not next year, not if 5 years. If you are uncomfortable working in an environment where there are infectious patients, you probably need to start looking at an entirely different career path.  CNAs don't make that much, so there are probably jobs you could get that will take you out of the health care environment entirely and pay about the same.  

    Feel free to discuss this with your ob/gyn as well.  

  • 1 month ago

    When was the last time that hospital had a patient to staff transmission?  April?

    Do you sit at home, never going to the store, seeing friends who you know have not quarantined for 12 weeks, does your husband work outside the home? 

    Since we know that you are not hiding from the virus (we know this because you went out of the house for interviews & worked at another job for before this job), if you were to get covid, you would NEVER KNOW WHERE YOU GOT IT.

    Oh no, there is no vaccine - I'm so dumb I can't figure out how to stay away from a disease that is a piss poor transmittor. 

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