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Help with this relationship?

gf likes talking to me on the phone before going to sleep and insists on sleeping before a certain time. Every night for month I call her at that time and she says she needs 10 min or 45 min to wrap things up before talking. So I wait since I want to talk with her. We talk and then go to sleep. All is good. Last night I showered when I should have called as every other time it has been delayed. She starts yelling at me and demanding an apology. I told her I am sorry but explained the situation from my perspective. She told me she didn't care for my excuses and didn't appreciate my repeating my 'story' I responded that I did that as English isn't her first language and wasn't sure she got the entire 'story' as her reaction was completely out of proportion. I ask for an apology for her reaction, dismissive tone. she said she is like that and doesn't feel the need to apologize. I feel really disrespected and if this were a one off it might be fine. Unfortunately, this type of thing happens a lot. I just could never imagine talking to anyone that I was with like that. Is there a way to fix this? When things are good they are great, but when it comes to thinking about my future and marriage. I cannot accept this bad side.

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  • T J
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    1 month ago

    You are very foolish staying with this controlling bit*h.  Dump her fast, and block her.  Get yourself together, and be a man, not a puss.

  • Edwena
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    1 month ago

    You are too restrictive and demanding of her. Instead, just accept the negative response as appropriate and just the way she feels about the issue and ignore it.  Don't fight and argue with her.  Or play games.  Tomorrow repeat the same routine as though nothing had happened and talk about going to a speaker phone so everyone can move around a bit.  She has you locked down so that you can't use the bathroom when you need to, or something.  It does sound like she is bossy, and you will have to make a determination if you can live with that or not.  If not, find someone else because you will not change her.

  • 1 month ago

    Huh.....I probably wouldn't call at all for a couple days.

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