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Best cheapest project car to make a lot of horsepower?

So I’m thinking of buying an old civic hatch. Parts are super cheap compared to a lot of cars and I could find parts everywhere in my local junkyards. I hear it doesn’t cost a lot to k swap it yourself anyways. Was also thinking of a mustang gt, but I feel like those are more expensive (with the car price and what it cost to make good power). What do you think? 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Just forget it you dont even own your own land and travel trailer/ house yet. You have other things to save money for.

  • 1 month ago

    1969 Dodge Dart with a 340.

  • arther
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    1 month ago

    What are you trying to achieve? Whats the point of adding  heap of power to a car that doesn't steer or brake? Unless its for drag racing the car will be useless then drag racing all ways ends up costing huge amounts of money when you want to win.

  • Bill
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    1 month ago

    V8 and rear wheel drive is the way to go.  Look for a 1994 - 2004 Mustang GT.  The 94-95 models have the old 5.0L V8 and the 96-04 ones have the 4.6L OHC engine.  The 5.0 is easier to work on and the 4.6 is more modern and very durable.  Speed parts are abundant for these cars.  Get the 5 speed manual because that's the way it should be.  

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