Why does my car heater only change when I turn it off then on?

If I want to switch from hot to cold or vice versas I have to park, change the setting, then shut it off and back on.

This is the same if I want to change if the air is coming through my vents or through my windows. 

I was told it was the ac module and it was 700 bucks to replace. It is a 2012 Ford Fusio

It only works on one temp too either very hot or very cold

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    On newer cars/trucks the AC/Climate gate controls, what actually move vent doors and flippers etc are buried deep in the dash and it takes hours to get into the guts of it. Seen a Ford video recently where the front doors had to be removed to access the retainers to release the dash support assembly...yeah, it's a nightmare sometimes. So, what used to be a sliding lever that moved a flap on your 1971 Chevelle is now a servo-motor actuated by a push-button or rheostat to move a door from defrost to floor heat or hot to cold depending. 1995 Chevy/GM trucks have a specific issue with their climate control because some engineer decided to run all the controls on one circuit board and a resistor would burn out, the fix was to pull the board and change out the bad electronic part(s). 

    So, it is quite possible the $700 is the shop price to fix the AC module with all but a few dollars being labor and fees to evac the system and recharge/service it. If you can live with the issue as is, though frustrating, it keeps you from spending a lot. Price out the module for yourself and see if it's something a YouTube video and a buddy can help with if you have that option.  

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