Why do I feel extra fatigued after anytime I eat?

I’ve been having issues with constant fatigue for years now. I feel like it’s mental for the most part. Because when I go to work, I feel fine. But when I’m at home or visiting someone else’s house, I can’t shake this intense feeling like I need to lie down and sleep.

But one thing I’ve noticed lately is that whenever I eat, whether it’s junk food or something healthy, I get so sleepy immediately afterward. Having something to drink doesn’t affect me at all (water, juice, whatever), just eating

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago
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    diabetic comes to mind.

    but there are other casues.

    it's common to become tired after eating specific types of foods but should only be an issue with all types of food if a) you're diabetic, b) have digestive system issues or c) you're Bored/Sad/understimulated/satiated to the point where you find it difficult to stay Awake.

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