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Can someone explain to me this sentence?

Economics is full of 'on the one hand, on the other hand'

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    It means economic theory is true under a system of assumptions such as rationality or no money illusion. There are two schools of economics in the US, fresh and salt water. It is the other hand of each other.

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    lots of issues where there are things having opposite effects that can be important.  On the one hand, this condition ought to lead to growth, on the other hand, when we see that other condition, it almost always means economic slowdown.  So, no one really knows what is going to happen because it depends on what happens in detail that we can't see.  One sign says good things are coming, but another says just the opposite and that a crash is coming.  Well, which one is it?  We don't actually know.  That is why economics is not seen as a hard science.  It isn't very well understood how things are going to actually work.  Always seem to be opposing indicators.

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    Economics has many competing factors that can influence the result.

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