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Are De'Longhi a good brand for kitchen equipment like specifically microwave ovens?


Alpha; So are you saying go for SIMPLE quality?

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  • IvaB
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    3 months ago

    Never owned De'longi brand.My Cuisinart microwave has lasted me @ least 10 years,so far.

  • 3 months ago

    I would not spend a lot of money on a microwave. .  If you use it to heat leftovers, heat water, popcorn, melt chocolate any microwave can do that. Spend the big $$$ on your range, refrigerator 

    But if you want to do some research Consumers Reports usually has a full evaluation of just about all appliances.  Check your library for copies

  • kswck2
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    3 months ago

    De'Longhi is kind of like what Sears was. They make many different brands names, like Sears did, under the brand names of Hotpoint, Kenmore, etc. And most of them were for different products. So while it may be MADE by De'Longhi, sometimes you don't know just by looking at it. 

  • fuzzy
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    3 months ago

    I don't know about Nukers, I have one of their toasters that's +20 years old still works perfectly.

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  • Alpha
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    3 months ago

    You cannot go by brand because they make several models nd they are not all created equal. Their combination ovens get a lot of low ratings and bad reviews because of quality control problems - and they don't last. Several people have reported their unit died within a month of the warranty expiring.

    The name of the game when it comes to durability and reliability is to get a that is as simple as possible.  All those settings and programming features are a waste and the circuit boards used are notorious for going out or crazy within a couple of years. And it is not just DeLongHi, but all of them. I've had one where the oven would not shutoff - you had to pull the plug. I had another different brand where suddenly one day, it would start whenever I open the door.

    The only feature you really need is a carousel that turns your dish so it cooks evenly. Microwaves without it will burn the bottom of the dish or overcook one portion while the other remains undercooked.

  • CB
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    3 months ago

    Generally it has been in the past, you might want to google search for reviews of the microwave model you are interested in purchasing.

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