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Am I pregnant?

I am on birth control (I take it every day same time, if I don’t have a drink I just swallow it but it feels like it gets stuck in my throat... so idk how effective it is) and my partner also uses a condom but finishes inside of me. I had protected sex the 2nd of October, got a period for 3 days (unusual...usually 5 days) then a few days after it ended I had protected sex on the 19th of October. (It’s currently the 29th of October) Ever since the last time, I have been nauseous now and then, mild cramps in my side, down lower, lower stomach pains, cramps, etc, and my period is still over a week away. I’ve gained around 2 pounds. And My stomach feels very heavy and bloated and I keep looking like it’s a baby bump.  I am constantly worried about pregnancy given that those are symptoms... could it be ?? (Also I am not sure if the pill makes you get your period or not, but my period is usually 5 days not 3, so could I be pregnant from the first time mentioned and the pill just forced the period on me??)

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    Look, you're all over the place here. 

    Every single so-called symptom you mentioned can also be a side effect of the pill. Yes, even/especially the shortened period.

    You do NOT get a "baby bump" this early. 

    If you did manage to get pregnant on the pill, you would still miss your period then. The pill doesn't force a period. 

    All of this is fear talking.

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    How precisely are any of us going to know?

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    The best way to find out is a pregnancy test.  And the best way to avoid pregnancy is abstinence.  Now your endless fun is threatened by reality.  Sex is for making babies.  Count yourself lucky if you get your period.  If you don't, you're stuck with an unwanted baby you have to take care of.  If you aren't ready to be a mother, then don't have sex.

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