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Federal agents reportedly obtained a FISA warrant against Hunter Biden's Chinese business partner This story keeps getting worse for Biden?

But what may be of more interest to U.S. readers is that during the same time that Ho was standing trial in the Southern District of New York, CEFC affiliates had wired $5 million to Biden's law firm, according to a Senate report released last month.

The Senate report also noted that — as described in a 2019 report from the New Yorker — not only did Biden maintain a business partnership with CEFC, but he also agreed to represent Ho in court at the request of CEFC's founder and former chairman, Ye Jianming. Then in March 2018, a shell company affiliated with CEFC called Hudson West III wired $1 million to Biden's law firm, Owasco, for "Dr Patrick Ho Chi Ping Representation."

According to the New Yorker report, Biden said he didn't consider Ye to be a "shady character at all" and characterized the situation as "bad luck."

Anything else?

Despite his insistence to the contrary, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has come under intense scrutiny over his alleged involvement in his son's overseas business dealings, including the botched partnership with CEFC.

Email exchanges first reported by the New York Post and later verified by former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski, appear to show that Joe Biden would receive kickbacks from the deal.

"10 held by H for the big guy?" one email said. Bobulinski would later claim that "the big guy" was in fact Joe Biden.

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    Fox News interviewed Biden's business partner last night. It keeps getting worse and worse.

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    Even Fox News dropped the Hunter Biden hoax. Save your energy and focus on fabricating a new scandal in the next 7 days.

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