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was ,The Time it is a changed . Dylans best ever album?

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    'Times They Are A Changin'?  It's all down to personal taste but it's certainly one of my favourites, definately Top Five but my favourite would be 'Blonde On Blonde'.

  • John
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    3 months ago

    Rolling Stone has my pick at #1 - Blood on the Tracks. Blonde on Blonde is #2. The Times They Are a Changin' isn't in their top 10. Which doesn't mean much.

  • Nick
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    3 months ago

    My pick is Blonde on Blonde

    I'll do a top 10 too, just like Rolling Stone, lols

    1. Blonde on Blonde

    2. Highway 61 Revisited

    3. Bringing it all Back Home

    4. Another Side Of

    5. Blood on the Tracks

    6. John Wesley Harding

    7. The Times They Are A Changing

    8. The Freewheelin'

    9. Desire

    10. Nashville Skyline

    I could drop it as low as 9 in the right mood, but while the order of the top 9 are somewhat interchangeable in places to me, the top 9 themselves are rock solidly the top 9. #10 is kind of a bonus wild card, I could have gone New Morning, Pat Garrett, The Basement Tapes...

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