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Anyone here who wouldnt want an autistic kid? ?

I'm curious. It might sound nasty but I know some folk who generally wouldn't want their kids to have autism. Would you mind it or not really? 

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    I don't want to have a child who suffers of heavy intoxication and develop autism. These children really suffer. 

    My child is healthy, beautiful and very intelligent but that is only possible if you take care before conception. 

  • NO. I can't.

     I have two brothers both on the autism spectrum. Neither can work, and communciation is always a process, especially when temperament issues are involved. The commitment of dealing with them alone is more than enough.

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    My nephew has autism he's like my best buddy in the whole world 

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    Nope, put them in the bin. They do nothing for society for their genes. Special needs children are a nightmare to raise. Too many meltdowns, OCD, low empathy, 0 social skills. Violent, Fussy eaters, Hermit anti social freaks. Who would want that as a burden? Not me. 

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    1 month ago

    My Brother is Autistic and I wouldn't want to change him for the world. You deal with the hand you are dealt in life, and you learn to see the best in it you can.

    At least I do anyway.

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