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Am I loser If I don't have a social life?

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    1 month ago

    Depends what you want in life if you are alone in bed all day watching YouTube videos your a loser, depressed or not. If you are out partying all the time but you want to travel the world and haven't left your country you're a loser. The thing with losers are they always want something so bad but do absolutely nothing to get what they so badly desire, weather its fear, lack of money, lack of resources etc, losers give up and will never get their goal.

    If someone calls you a loser for doing something you enjoy it's different because that doesn't make you a loser. If you hide from life it does. 

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    1 month ago

    That's a highly subjective attribute. Do you feel like a loser? Or do you like how your life is? I know many people that don't have a social life. Hell, I barely get out the house and see people. But that's because I don't really like people, lol. Not in a rude way, they just annoy me and I'm not everyone's cup of tea either, so I'm happy as I am. I know I'm not a loser because of it, because actually, I value many other things in people than the status of their social life. 

    So be and do what makes you happy and defines you. If you think you can improve or change aspects of your life, then do so. Only you can and only you can know if you want to. 

    There will be people out there that think you are loser whatever you do, there are people out there that think you're fantastic. 

    I for one don't think you are a loser just because you don't socialise, we are all different :) 

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    I don't much either, but that's because I pretty much want it that way. I have my close friends and don't waste time on meaningless and vapid 'associations'. 

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    When you become an extrovert, then your introvert would surely  run  away from your new social life.

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  • 1 month ago

    Maybe. But not everybody is the same. If you think you are a loser, why don't you get a counselor? Does it sound like you might be right? Stop fearing so much.

    Jordan Peterson: Overcoming self-defeating behaviors

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  • If you're married with kids, no.  Single and desperate, yes.

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