Question about territory?

If I found an area of sea in international waters that was shallow and dumped earth and gravel until an island formed, could I declare it my island and my territory ?

Seems that China has set an international precedent.

Why can't anyone do the same ?

Also what if an underwater volcano erupts creating a new island in international waters ?   How is it determined who it belongs to ?   The first to get a flag on it ?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Your patch of land will have to be outside the 200 mile limit (most countries claim 200 miles) or any other border claimed by the countries. China claimed land in their own area of influence.

    Other countries are welcome to do it, but it is usually not worth it, economically.

    If a new island is formed due to volcanic eruptions, then it is first come, first served. However these types of land masses are usually not permanent, and being in international waters means that they are not easily serviced

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