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Why do dogs throw up so much?

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    Maybe it's a carry over from when they were wolves and members of the hunting pack would swallow food so as to regurgitate it for the wolves that stayed at the den to protect the cubs. Many dogs will eat anything they find and many times the food will be rotten or bad and need to be vomited back up.

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    Healthy dogs don't just throw up. Every time my dog has yacked, there's been a reason for it. First time was because we stupidly gave him some raw hide and we didn't know how bad it was for him and dogs in general. Second time was because of his neuter and being nauseated from the meds. The end. TWICE. He's had a few little blurps because he drank water too fast, but not even then would I consider that throw up. If your dog is puking a lot, you need to see a vet. This is not good.

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    Healthy dogs DON'T vomit much.... (if any).

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    because its funny

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    1 month ago

    Because their owners don't take them to see a Veterinarian when they first vomit

  • 1 month ago

    My dog is a year and a half old and has never vomited.

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