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What are the differences between Liberalism and Libertarianism?

Bonus Question: What are the differences between Conservatism and Authoritarianism

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  • Zirp
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    4 weeks ago

    Do you mean the original anarcho-communist libertarians, or the marketworshippers who stole the name?

    Liberals are smart enough to understand that markets need some regulating. Marketworshippers aren't, or don't care about people living in poverty

  • 4 weeks ago

    Libertarianism is a complete reboot of Liberalism. Returning it to the original philosophy of governance Liberalism once had in the beginning of the country or before. Liberalism used to be based in Individualism and whatever concepts provided the most freedom for the people. This is the philosophy that created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights (with all it's individual Liberties). Liberalism was born in the ideas of 18th Century philosophers like John Locke.

    Today's Liberalism has become all about Collective (government) controlled rights and reliance of government to solve all the problems.

    Conservatism is less a political philosophy than a life philosophy, going with tried and proven methods of governance both politically and socially. What is considered tried and proven depends on the history and culture of the region or country. This is why Middle Eastern Conservatism is often completely opposite in values from Western Conservatism, especially American Conservatism. 

    American Conservatism couldn't be more different from Authoritarianism. American Conservatism is based squarely in Individual Liberties as found in the Bill of Rights. Authoritarianism gets it's power from greater and greater collective power given to it (or taken from) the people.

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