I'm living with my ex still due I can't afford to pay rent on my own and also living with our kid. 

We been separated and still living together for many years now.

Our relationship have been toxic and I suffered verbal, philosophical, emotional, sexually, financially and physical abuse by him.

He is calling me names, if I try to have a conversation, tell anything my son or hug he interferes and starts coming in between, tells me to leave him alone, or tell our son to stay study and ignore me.

He is trying to alienate me from our son and talks bad about me to him.

I find that somethings he looks through my things, things are mine disappear, I find my mail open by him,he is harassing me to sign papers of divorce and threatened me by telling me that if I don't sign he will sale the house and disappear to another country leaving me in the street.

He also is trying his best for me to leave the house. He make the environment tense, makes offensive "jokes", he tells me "leave the house", if I'm sick or I have to stay in the house studying or relaxing he will find things to fight about, or comes to me to ask me about our divorce, when I'm leaving...

I want to know if all what he is doing right now is illegal or abuse? 

He is doing things that makes me uncomfortable, verbally, psychologically, emotionally abuse and is giving me anxiety and stress. I'm finding it hard to go back home after work or going out. 

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